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The application of powder coats to glass bottles is an important element for many companies in the design,manufacturing,and retailing phases of their products. Powder coating offers several significant financial,environmental and even visual advantages over other bottle treatment methods.

The following will discuss some of the key benefits pf powder coating glass bottle,as well as common use cases across a wide range of industries.

How Modern Powder Coating Began

The first iteration of powder coating as we know it today originated in the 1940's and 1950's. Previously, the only way to apply organic polymers to a material's surface was to spray coat them on, a process which was limited as to its efficiency and effectiveness.

However,in the early 1950's a German Scientist named Erwin Gemmer developed a method of applying thermostatic resins to a substrate by means of a fluid-bed application.Then in the 1960's, the development of electrostatic application made it much easier to spray on even coats of dry powder across the surface of a workpiece. To this day,most manufacturers still use this simple and efficient electrostatic powder coating process to treat their products.

Benefits of Powder Coating Glass Bottles 

What are some of the advantages that powder coating can offer to compaines that deal in glass bottles? Here are just a few:

Enhanced protection against UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful both to humans, and to many consumable products. While untreated glass typically blocks UV rays with short wavelengths(know as UVB), it does not offer much protection against long wavelength rays(UVA). However, the application of powder coating can block potentially damaging UVA radiation from reaching the product contained within the bottle.

Increased durability:Powder coated surfaces tend to be highly resistant to scratching, Peeling,chipping, and other effects of normal wear and tear.

Improved eco-friendliness. Other spray-on processes that involve solvent-based wet paint often release volatile organic compounds(VOCs) into the atmosphere. These VOCs can damage the environment by contributing to ozone pollution and can also pose a health risk to humans exposed to them for a significant period of time. In contrast,powder coating release very few,if any VOCs into the environment,making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Wider branding capabilites. Since powder coating is such a versatile technique, companies that want to differentiate their products in a crowded market can utilize this process to create glass bottles that have a very distinctive look and feel. In addition,powder coated bottles are able to retain their color and texture for a long time, adding to a high quality experience for the end consumer.

Industries that Benefit from Powder Coating

There are several industries that frequently utilize powder coating methods to treat their glass bottles,Including:

Food & Beverage

Exposure to UV radiation can, over time,change the taste and flavor of a premium wine,Liquor and food. Wine-makers and other companies in the food and beverage industry often use powder coating on plastic containers to protect their products and give them a longer shelf life.

Cosmetic & Fragrances

Many companies in the health and beauty sector use a powder coat process to protect body oils,colognes, and other items from UV damage.Powder coating can also make these products stand out from the crowd by customizing each bottle with a unique style and design.


From omega-3 fish oils to herbal remedies, many brands that specialize in natural supplements also use powder coating to treat their glass bottles, ensuring a long shelf life and increased product safety.

Without a doubt, powder coating is an integral manufacturing component for many businesses that package their goods in glass bottle.If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of powder coating, reach out to our friendly team of experts at the Guangzhou panyue packing today.

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