About glass lanterns for Halloween Sep 26

Now that autumn is approaching, it's not early to consider the most anticipated and terrifying festival --Halloween.With Halloween, people love DIY decorations for various occasions so glass bottle decoration has become a popular in Halloween.

Whether you're trick or treating or staying home watching horror movies, Halloween glass lanterns are the best way to add a horror atmosphere to the festival.

Glass bottle waste use, used to make a tutorial on Halloween lanterns, as long as the design of the monster on the surface of the glass bottle, and then put into the candle, very simple!Want to have a unique Halloween decoration?It's so easy for the ~ to achieve.

There are two ways to realize it, the first is to cut the monster pattern on paper and stick it to a glass bottle before coloring.

The other is to color the glass bottle before scraping the paint off with a blade to get the monster pattern.

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