Chinese New Year's Day Dec 30

Chinese New Year's Day

Guangzhou panyue packing.Co.,Ltd wish you a happy new year.

Around 50.000 BC,the ancient Egyptians had changed from nomadic to farming and settled down on both sides of the Nile. Their agricultural harvest was closely related to whether the Nile flood occurred. The ancient  Egyptians observed that the Nile floods at regular times, So they recorded this time on bamboo poles, from which they learned that there was about 365 days between the two floods. It was also discovered that the sun ans Sirius were rising over the horizon at the same time when the first rising tide of the Nile reached near present-day Cairo. Therefor,the ancient Egyptians defined this day as the beginning of a New Years, which is the origin of New Year's Day.

Thank you for your support and encouragement to us last year, I hope we can have better cooperation next year.

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