Cosmetic packaging will occupy a huge market Dec 15

According to Japan's official statistics,the number of people traveling to Japan has hit a record high last years, with young women becoming the main tourist diver and driving up cosmetic as a big consumption as a big consumption project,and according to report on beauty in cosmetic. In other words,  as the new generation of young people's consumption ability rises, both men and women, the'Face engineering is becoming more and more important, and that means that the glass ware, which is one of the main containers of cosmetic packaging will also develop a huge market.

"Glass can reduce carbon emissions,not only an environmental container, but also the invariant of the container,which is a kind of perfect material that does not respond to any component, and the demand for glass containers increases with high performance cosmetic" we know that the demand for glass bottles has increased since last year,and high-end cosmetic brands are using glass containers, said the head of the South Korean glass bottle production company.

South Korean is a major cosmetic industry, but since he supply of South Korean national makeup bottles automated production facilities has been kept up, South Koreancosmetics companieshave to use expensive glass containers, cheap containers or other materials, According to the media introduction, the factory also can save energy, and the ability to produce non-heavy metalcosmetic containers, and it will also have an automatic packaging system to capture the 30% of the total amount of the South Korean 25 won, and not only to meet the domestic market, but also to meet the oversea market, and the overseas export of the special plan is expanded from the original 3~5% to 30% to make contracts with china, the americas and Europe, and the local factory in china is also in the negotiation.

Although the production line is very competitive in South Korea,but because of the lower price of the Chinese cosmetic glass container the demand of china glass containers in South Korea is increasing, and the production of glassware in China is relatively nature.

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