Distinction between sandblasting window bottle and frosting window bottle Jul 21

1. Frosting procedure

Frosting describes immersing a cup package into a equipped acidic liquid (or smearing an acid solution mixture) to erode the surface of the cup package with powerful acid solution, and concurrently, hydrogen fluoride in powerful acid solution option triggers crystals to produce on the cup surface area. Therefore, in the event the frosting procedure is performed nicely, the frosted cup surface area is extremely sleek, along with the crystals develop a scattering and provide a hazy effect. If the outer lining is difficult, this means that the acid solution erodes the cup more really, which can be an immature overall performance in the frosting learn. Or certain parts remain not crystallized (typically referred to as not sanded, or that the cup has mottling) also is among the learn workmanship. This procedure is a lot more hard. This procedure is most beneficial demonstrated by the appearance of glimmering crystals on the surface in the cup, which can be shaped under a essential problem, primarily because ammonia hydrogen fluoride has achieved the purpose of simply being consumed.

2. Beach sand blasting method

This process is very typical. It makes use of the sand dust ejected from the mist firearm hitting the top of the window jar with a high speed, to ensure the window jar kinds a fine concave and convex area, so as to achieve the outcome of diffusing gentle and generating the light go through. The top of the window product inside the sand blasting method is comparatively hard. As the window area is destroyed, it looks like white colored window inside the originally translucent window. The create problems is regular.

3. Distinctions

The two operations are completely different operations. Frosted window bottles are greater in price than sandblasted window bottles, and also the outcome is situated mainly in the requirements of consumers. Some exclusive window bottles can also be not suited to frosting. From your viewpoint of going after nobleness, frosting ought to be applied. The sandblasting method can generally be carried out production facilities, but it is difficult to obtain a good frosting method.

The frosted window package is really a fine sand sensing that may be created after production. The feel is powerful, nevertheless the style is restricted the sandblasted window package is initial carved with paper in accordance with the specifications and so the style is sprayed. In this manner, any visuals you desire may be engraved having a frosted rate. The surface particle scale of the fine sand is more fine.

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