Exciting cosmetic glass packaging,welcome everyone to buy Jun 06

Exciting cosmetic glass packaging,welcome everyone to buy

Glass packaging is loved by people because of its high transparency.Now more and more cosmetic are using glass packaging.Next,let's know about cosmetic glass packaging

Advantages of cosmetic glass packaging

1. Color application

Color is one of the most common tools used in the design of cosmetic glass packaging.The most significant effect of applying color to a transparent glass bottle is to improve the appearance of the cosmetic glass bottle,so that it is not uniformly transparent and monotonous:at the same time,it can also highlight the unique style of the cosmetic brand,forming a visible brand image and achieving the role of brand promotion.

2.Good transparency

Cosmetic glass packaging texture transparent, the material inside is clearly visible,"value+effect" to consumers convey a sense of senior.

3.Safety and hygiene

Cosmetic glass packaging is safe and hygienic,non-toxic and harmless,with good corrosion and acid corrosion resistance,the cosmetics industry has special packaging advantages.

4.Environmental protection

Cosmetic glass packaging can be repeatedly recycled and used many times,reducing the cost of enterprise packaging.but also conducive to environmental protection.

5.Good barrier properties

Cosmetic glass packaging material is lead-free and harmless ,with good barrier properties,which can well prevent the oxidation and erosion of various gases on the objects inside the bottle,and can effectively prevent the volatile components of the objects inside from evaporating.

In summary,cosmetic glass packaging is exciting,is a good choice for packaging cosmetics. GUANGZHOU PANYUE PACKING.CO.,LTD.produces and sells high quality quality cosmetic glass packaging and offers customization services.

Cosmetic glass bottle packaging

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