Silk screen printing is a way of surface handling of glass bottle. Through silk screen printing, the surface of simple glass bottle can be made more beautiful, thereby increasing customers' love for the product and prompting customers to place orders. There are many different terms for silk screen printing and the process of silk printing terms..

Screen Printing:The printing plate is in the shape of a mesh, and the ink on the printing plate is leaked from the through hole of the plate to the substrate under the extrusion of the scraping plate during printing.

Porous printing:A printing method in which part of the printed image and text can be printed on the substrate through ink leakage. Divided into silk screen printing, reputation writing plate, typing wax plate and hollow plate printing.

Electrostatic screen printing:Using electrostatic charge to make the toner adsorb on the substrate through the wire mesh.

Typewriter stencil:Use a typewriter to make a wax block of characters on wax paper, and then apply ink to print on the wax block.

Curved surface screen:Method of screen printing on the curved surface of a cylindrical container or a cone.

Stencil printing:Draw pictures and texts on wood chips, cardboard, metal or plastic sheets, and hollow out to make a hollow plate. By printing or spraying, the ink is attached to the substrate through the through hole.

Mimeograph:Making graphics on stenciled paper with a stylus or other methods, and then printing ink on the stenciled paper surface.

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2023 new design cosmetic glass bottle set with 3D printing

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