There is a certain color difference in the printed product, we can only make the printed product close to the color of the design draft based on certain experience and judgment.

So, how to control the color difference so that the printed product is close to the color of the design draft?

This article shares six elements in the printing process to control the color difference.

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Color different refers to the difference in color,In daily life,we often say that the color different refers to the phenomenon of inconsistent colors when the human observes the product with eye.

For example, in the printing industry, the color difference between the printed product and the standard sample provided by the customer.

In industry and commerce situation,it is a very important part to assess accuratly the color difference. However ,various factors such as the light source, the viewing angle, and the observer's own conditions may cause differences in color evaluation.

Color mixing process

Coloour mixing process is the core content of the entire color difference adjustment.

Before color mixing,special attention should be paid to prevent to use printing ink systems of different manufacturers for color mixing . it is best to use printing inks of the same manufacturer for color mixing.

If there is remaining printing ink, you must first to find out the hue of the printing ink, to check whether the identification card of the printing ink is accurate,It is better to be able to observe and compare the scraping samples with an ink scraper.

Before joining,the weight should be strengthened before joining , and the data should be recorded.

It is best to be able to complete the color mixing work at one time to prevent the hue deviation caused by the color mixing in several times,it can reasonably reduce the occurrence of chromatic aberration.When checking the color ,sometimes the color looks the same even under normal lighting,but it looks different under another light source,so you should choose a uniform standard light source for color viewing or color comparison

Printing squeegee

If the printing squeegee is moved frequently during production and processing, the working position of the printing squeegee will be changed,which is not good for the normal transfer of printing ink and color reproduction, and the pressure of the squeegee blade cannot be changed casually.

Viscosity Adjustment 

Before the production and processing,the viscosity adjustment should be strengthened.

It is better to be able to adjust according to the expected speed.After adding the solvent,wait for 10 minutes and fully circulate before starting production and processing,When the product under the accelerated production and processing inspection meets the quality awareness standard, the viscosity can be tested at this time as the unified standard viscosity value of this product. This value should be recorded immediately and adjusted according to the data for the entire single product. Reduce the hue deviation problem caused by the change of viscosity

Production environment

The adjustment of the air humidity in the workshop, under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to adjust it between 55% -65%. If the humidity is too high, it will affect the solubility of the printing ink, especially the transfer of the shallow mesh area is difficult to show normally. Reasonable adjustment of air humidity has an improved effect on the adjustment of ink printing effect and color difference.

Raw materials

Whether the surface tension of the raw material is qualified, affects the wetting and transfer effect of the printing ink on the substrate, and also affects the color display effect of the printing ink on the film.

Quality awareness

Quality awareness: refers to a perception of product quality by production and processing and quality management personnel. This perception must be obvious and reflected in the work details. In terms of adjusting the color difference, it is mainly to guide the employees to improve their quality awareness, strive for excellence in their work, and shape product quality concepts. For example, when strictly complying with the standard samples, when the proof reaches more than 90%, the production and processing can be started. Assist quality inspection personnel to strengthen the inspection of the first piece. In production and processing, strict requirements are imposed on team members to implement the quality management system. In the production and processing, such as when changing the printing ink hue, pay special attention to the cleaning details of the printing ink basin, and pay special attention to whether the bottom plate of the doctor blade and the clamping strips at both ends are There are advanced replacement or cleaning, these small details, if there is no special attention in the production process, color mixing will occur, resulting in color discoloration, and then color difference.

Color difference is inevitable in packaging and printing. How to avoid or reduce the occurrence of color difference is the key to consideration. Using the specific analysis of the above factors, we can find improved techniques from it, and we can further avoid color difference and control color difference. The method can only reduce and avoid chromatic aberration only in the source and sample management, so that there is no obvious chromatic aberration between the products of each batch, and only pay special attention to the details of the operation and process data in the production process Only on the basis of management, can we make better products, and then improve the comprehensive market competitiveness of enterprises.

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