What does the number "520" mean in China? May 20

What does the number "520" mean in China?

Hi friends,

I believe all of you who see this title are curious about the number "520" appearing in the Chinese media today, right?

Then let me reveal the answer to you!

In China, the number "520" sounds like " 我爱你 ",  which means "I love you" in English.

So every year on May 20, it has become a festival spontaneously raised by hundreds of millions of netizens - Internet Valentine's Day.

And what does  the number "521", "1314" mean? I believe the some friends have guessed it!

Yes, it's a harmonic! The Chinese pronunciation of "521" is similar to"我愿意", and "1314" has the same homophonic pronunciation of "一生一世". They are all Chinese language symbols to express love!

On May 20th, you will find a lot of couples holding hands on the street, and usually girls have a bunch of flowers in her hands.

Many businesses also take advantage of the situation to carry out group purchases, discounts and other promotional activities, setting off a wave of holiday crazes online and offline.

So, friends, do you know what the number " 520" means in China?

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