10 Best Dropper Cap Assembly Facts To Increase Your Knowledge Jun 05 , 2022

When you or your business is in need of wholesale glass dropper bottles, you probably don’t put much thought into the most important part of many products: the dropper cap assembly. Also known as a medicine dropper cap, glass dropper cap, plastic dropper cap, or eye dropper, we have a full selection on our site!

If you have ever used essential oils, CBD oil, or liquid medication, you’ll know that without the glass dropper, the liquid would not go to its intended place but would instead cause a mess. Valuable products would also be wasted due to the difficulty in pouring just the right amount from the medicine dropper bottle. Glass droppers help customers and those dispensing products in liquid dropper bottles to avoid the loss of valuable inventory.

What is a Dropper Cap Assembly?

wholesale glass dropper bottle

Child Resistant Dropper Cap Assembly

Dropper caps are made of three main parts: the rubber bulb, the plastic cap, and the glass pipette. Together, they form the cap of a glass bottle that’s meant to hold liquid. The rubber bulb is the “squeezable” part of the lid, the cap is simply the part that screws onto the bottle itself, and the pipette is simply the glass tube that is connected to the bottom of the cap and extends into the glass bottle.

This dropper cap assembly allows the user to safely remove liquid from the bottle and/or use just as much as is needed, one drop at a time. Pipettes are available in a clear or calibrated version which lets you accurately measure the amount of liquid that is being dispensed.

The Physics of Dropper Caps

A dropper cap assembly uses the laws of physics to pull liquid from an liquid dropper bottle and into the glass tube. First, the user squeezes the rubber bulb on the lid. This forces out the air in the pipette and creates avacuum Then the pipette is inserted into the liquid and pressure is released from the cap. The vacuum needs to be filled, so the essential oil, medication, or other liquid has no choice but to go into the pipette.

The liquid then stays in the pipette until use. Anyone using a dropper cap assembly can then control the amount of product they squeeze out, thanks to the small hole at the end of the pipette. Once done, the extra liquid still in the pipette can simply be squeezed back into the liquid dropper bottle.

Dropper Cap Assembly Types

Tamper-Evident Dropper Cap Assembly

Regular dropper cap assemblies are simply that: a cap, a rubber bulb, and a pipette which may or may not be calibrated.

Another common type of dropper cap assembly is the “Euro” style. This style includes a dropper insert and is useful for bottles meant to hold fragrances, herbal extracts, and oils. It’s used for when precise measurements aren’t needed. The cap comes with the dripper already inside it and can be used by turning the glass dropper bottle upside down and dripping a liquid one drop at a time.

Tamper-evident dropper cap have a ring that’s broken when the lid is unscrewed, and this allows you to easily see if a bottle has been opened before.

CRC dropper assembly caps are designed to be child-resistant.  The child-resistant dropper cap assembly requires two separate motions to open, making it challenging for children to open while remaining senior-friendly.

Pipettes, and What They Do

The pipette is perhaps the most important part of a dropper cap assembly. They can be made of glass or even plastic, and they’re meant to draw liquid from a glass bottle and then dispense it. The great thing about pipettes is that they let you to dispense a liquid without spilling any extra drops or wasting any product.

To Contain, or To Dispense?

Pipettes are useful in a wide range of industries. Pipettes have two basic purposes . TC (To Contain) means a pipette is meant to hold a precise volume while TD (To Dispense) means that pipette has a design meant to squeeze out a very specific amount of liquid. This is very useful for, say, dosing medicines or supplements.

The Different Pipette Types

The regular type of pipette or dropper cap assembly, is simply meant to capture and dispense liquid. Etched or calibrated pipettes have measurements on the pipette itself (typically in ml) and are meant for more specific purposes when used with liquid dropper bottles.

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