30ml glass bottle for essential oil Nov 30 , 2021

Panyue packing have 2 different glass bottle for essential oil

30ml Flat shoulder glass bottle with plastic dropper

30ml glass dropper bottle

This glass bottle has a capacity of 30ml and is equipped with a plastic dropper, suitable for holding essences,essential oils, etc.

The glass bottle is colorless,tasteless, safe and healthy, and is a good choice for your skincare product.

From 20ml to 120ml,a variety of capacities are available, please feel to contact us for more capacity information.

Regarding colors, here are many custom colors for you,We hope that one is your favorite. If you don't like it , you can contact us to customize your color for you. The color of the plastic dropper can also be customized.

Glass bottle for essential oil

glass bottle for essential oil

this seems to be very large,but in fact, the capacity is only about 30ml,because the bottom of this bottle is very thick.

This 30ml dropper bottle is matched with a unique dropper, This dropper also includes a shoulder sleeve, which is placed on the shoulder of the bottle to make the bottle look more high-end.

The shape of the bottle is a flat oval.

The color of the bottle can be customized. Here are several different gradient colors requirement.

The cover color of the shoulder sleeve and the dropper can also be customized. Here are the rose gold and silver colors shown for you,For more colors, please contact us to customize them for you.

We can provide you with frosted, screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, spraying and other processes of craft, we have all of them in stock,quantity is not limited, can be delivered at any time, shorten your purchase date, welcome to inquire,negotiate, we will be happy to see you! Email:kat.lin@panyuepacking.com

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