What are the requirement for cosmetic glass bottle? Oct 27 , 2021

Cosmetic glass bottles should melt well and evenly,as far as possible to avoid stones,stripes,bubbles and other defects.Colorless glass bottle have a high transparency,Color glass has a stable color,and can absorb a certain wavelength of light.

Cosmetic glass bottles to have a certain chemical stability,and do not play with the contents,with a certain degree of shock resistance and mechanical strength,can with stand washing,sterilization and other heating, cooling process and withstand filling storage and transportation,encounter general internal and external stress,vibration, impact,can remain nondestructive.

Cosmetic glass dropper bottle

Cosmetic glass bottles also have smooth and transparent,easy disinfection,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,good sealing performance and other characteristics,and the glass bottle to maintain a certain capacity,weight and shape,uniform wall thickness,smooth mouth,smooth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing.

Panyue packing company has been adhering to provide the best,the latest product quality to customers,we have launched a small and cute,can take a travel product,the 30ml beauty color glass bottle with dropper,it have many color for you choose,this is our stock product,the size is 15ml 30ml in stock.The 15ml is smaller and easier to carry out,we also offer the logo printing,hot stamping and label for you ,A variety of color dropper for you choice.

15ml glass dropper bottle

The customize 30ml special square glass bottle with lotion pump,it also so cute and small to bring out,it a lotion pump glass bottle and then it use for the face cream,it's unique shape gives people a special feeling,compared to other ordinary cosmetics glass bottle,it is a little more durable,For many people,it is important to choose a stylish and special glass bottle for cosmetics.Guangzhou panyue packing Co.,Ltd, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cosmetic containers since 2006.we will stand in a professional perspective to answer custom's questions.

Special shape glass bottle for cosmetic

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