Green packaging is a systematic project Nov 09

Green packaging is a systematic project.

Compared with traditional packaging,it must also have environmental protection function.

The packaging material with environmental protection function must be non-toxic harmless,renewable or degraded.

At present,the definition of degradable material is defined for disposable plastic(disposable plastic lunchboxes,tableware,straws,water cups,beverage cups,plastic shopping bags,etc.)Degradable materials includes PLA,PBAT,PHA,starch based plastic,etc. There have been many attempts in the cosmetic industry,For example, adding a certain proportion of wheat straw,bamboo flour,corn,starch materials,or using PCR materials.

The charge of material require scor responding changes in processing technology, processing machinery, container manufacturing.packaging design, decoration printing and their aspects, which leads to great changes in the concept and the technology of the whole packaging industry.

In order to make high-quality packaging that is conducive to environmental protection and in line with the public taste, we have to pay attention to the use of packaging materials before design, because the packaging is ultimately made of special materials, These election of material is very important for packaging to be environmental friendly,beautiful and innovative.

glass bottle set

Some commonly used environmental projection materials,such as mixed materials of trees and plants,bleached kraft paper,PVC material, corrugated paper,etc.Will produce a very beautiful effect if they are skill fully used.

Successful cases at home and abroad show us that a certain product is more desirable because of its corresponding characteristic in environmental protection.It is also because of the use of environmentally friendly materials that the products are welcomed by consumers.

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glass bottle set with bamboo lid

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