Prevent Epidemic, We Keeping Nov 03

"Life care, is extremely heavy," The COVID-19 pandemic as an mandate, and prevention and control is our responsibility.  In recent years, our company always stay in a high alert, strictly in accordance with the unified deployment of superior government departments and the group, into the fight against the epidemic action.

General Manager Jack Han stressed the key points of epidemic prevention and control:

1.   Gate man should pay close attention to the information of visitor, strictly check their identity documents, and strengthen their own protection;

Panyue packing

2.   All employees must wear masks distributed daily by the company;

Always keep the mask

3.   The materials Department of the General Office distribute 84 Disinfectant, and all workshops and offices disinfected the working areas of the factory to prevent and control the epidemic in an all-round way and protect the health of workers;

84 Disinfectant prevent COVID-19

4.   Publicize the epidemic situation to employees, advocate them to reduce visits to relatives and friends and go out, and avoid activities in densely populated places;

Work group management

5.   Establish the emergency management group of the company, and the heads of all departments and relevant personnel shall timely inform the work measures within the group and implement them;

All-weather antivirus

At the same time, He stressed we must timely implement the requirements of superiors.  Based on the actual situation of the company, the company must conduct regular research and analysis, refine prevention and control measures, we must do a good job in supervision and resolutely avoid negligence in our work. With a highly responsibility towards society, enterprises, families and individuals, spare no efforts in epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety and health of employees and their families.

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mist sprayer bottle for alcohol

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