Roller ball glass bottle packaging----- panyue packing Oct 29

Roller ball glass bottle packaging ------ panyue packing

Cosmetic packaging Roller ball glass bottle they are loved by many big brand cosmetic companies,because these packages are very customer-friendly,easy to use and have a message function. It's a packaging container and a beauty tool,multifunction.

It is widely used in cosmetic such as eye cream care, eye dropper, hair oil, skin care, etc.

Guangzhou panyue packing Co.,Ltd. can customize according to customer requirement belong to their own ball bottles.For example, our hot sale customize product roller ball glass bottle, the stock size:10ml(can customize other size),the stock color:clear/frosted clear/amber/frosted amber/black/matte. The roller ball type:steel ball/plastic ball/glass ball.We offer packaging customization service from design, product, pack and shipment, logo printing, hot stamping and label service.It has always been our goal to provided our customers with the best quality and service.

Panyue packing:The pursuit of beauty has always been simple.

Roller ball glass bottle

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