Halloween-A traditional Festival In The West Oct 27


Halloween in formal Western country is called "All Saints Day",one of the Catholic and Orthodox festivals,and is a traditional festival.Chinese-speaking regions often mistake Halloween as Halloween."Hallow" comes from the Middle English halloween,which is every close to the etymology of the holy.In some areas of Scotland and Canada,Halloween is still called "All Hallow Mas".On that day,the Mass to be held is a celebration of all the saints in the sky.

Origin of Halloween

There are various versions about the original of Halloween,the most convincing type is:

More than 2,000 ago,the Catholic Church in European designated November 1st as "All Hallows Day"."Hallow"means saint.Legend has it that since the fifth century BC,the Celts who lived in Ireland,Scotland and other places moved the festival one day forward,namely October 31.They consider this day to be official end of summer, the beginning of the new year,the day the harsh winter begins. At that time,people believed that the deceased soul of the deceased would return to the formal resistance on this day to search for living beings in the living so as to regenerate, and this was the only hope to be reborn after death.The living are afraid of the souls of the dead to take their lives,so people put out the fire and candles on this day,so that the souls of the head cannot find the living,and they dress up as demons and ghosts to scare away the souls of the dead.After that,they will rekindle the fire and candlelight to start a new year of life.

Popular Area

Halloween is mainly popular in the English-speaking world,such as the British Isles and North America, by Australia and New  Zealand.Nowadays,the youngest generation in some Asian countries are also inclined to celebrate the "foreign festival". On the even Halloween,some large foreign-founded supermarkets will put up special counters to sell Halloween toys,and small vendors will also sell some Halloween-related dolls or models,attracting young eyes.

Traditional Customs

On Halloween day,people usually wear weird clothes,like pirate、sorceress、saucer man and all sorts of evil-doers walk on the street and children will carry jack-o-lanterns from door to door asking for candy,they would say:"Trick or Treat".people in Western countries eat pumpkin pie and apple,some places will prepare prime beef to eat.

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