Thanksgiving Day Nov 21

Thanks-giving Day


Thanksgiving is a festival shared by the United States and Canada.The traditional intention is to thank God for the good harvest.Since 1941,the United States has designated the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day

And has taken two days off from this day.Thanksgiving is an ancient holiday for the American people,and it is also a day for the Amerian people to get together with their families.It is the most authentic and American of the national holiday in the United States,and it is most closely related to early American history.

What to do on Thanksgiving Day

According to the usual practice,the Thanksgiving dinner will be arranged at noon.But why? As it is the time for American football season.So,after lunch the whole family will sit in front of the TV to watch the football game.What's more,many churches will also organize putlucks and volunteers will cook, those who are not religious or people who can't celebrate this festival because of the financial can come to the church to enjoy the food and celebrate the festival together.Another essential part of the festival is the fundraising activities.Although there are dundraising activities in normal times,it is particularly lively on this day.

Traditional Activities

1.Cranberry Race

A large bowl filled with cranberries is placed on the ground,4-10 compepitors sit around and each given a pieces of network.At the beginning of the competition,they thread the needles and threds first.Then wear the cranberries one by one.When 3 minutes are up,whoever wears the longest will be the winner.As for the one who wears the slowest,everyone will jokingly award him the worst award.

2.Corn Game

It is said that this was handed down to commemorate the distribution of five corns to five immigrants when foods was scarce.Before the official rece,people will hide five corns in the house and search for the corns separatedly,the five people who find the corn will attend the next race and the others watch from the sidelines.At the beginning

of the race,five people quickly peeled the corn kernels in a bowl,and whoever peeled the corn kernels first was the winner.Then,those who did not participate in the competition will  gather around the bowl and guess how many corn kernels are in the bowl.THe closed guess will be awarded a large bag of corn.

3.Pumpkin Race

People's favorite game is the pumpkin race.The contestant pushes the pumpkin with a small spoon to run.The rule is that the hand must not to touch the pumpkin.The first to reach the finish line wins.

4.Other activities

Group activities such as masquerade parades,theater performance,and sports competitions are held.Exempt turkeys,Black Friday shopping and more are now also in the habits. In addition,some families drive to the countryside for picnics during the festival,or travel by plane,especially the place where immigrants settled down-Plymouth Harbor is a place that tourists yearn for.There,you can see a replica of the Mayflower ship and Plymouth Stone,and spend a few hours visting the settlement village.The immigrant village was built in the same way as it was back then.During the visit,there are also specialized personnel pretending to be monks and chatting with tourists,giving people an immersive feeling.


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