The Story of the origin of Qingming Festival Mar 31

The story of the origin of Qingming Festival: it is said that in the spring and Autumn period, Chong'er, the son of Jin, was exiled abroad to escape persecution. On his way to exile, he was tired, hungry and unable to stand up in a place where there was no one else.

I couldn't find anything to eat for a long time. When everyone was very anxious, I pushed him to a quiet place and cut a piece of meat from my thigh. I cooked a bowl of meat soup for him to drink. Chong'er gradually regained his spirit. When Chong'er found that the meat was cut by jie'zitui, he shed tears.

Nineteen years later, Chong'er became the king of the state, which was the Duke of Jin in history. After he became the emperor, Duke Wen paid a heavy reward to the officials who accompanied him in exile, but he forgot jiezitui.

Many people argue against jiezitui and persuade him to ask for reward from the king. However, jiezitui despises those who strive for reward. He packed up and went to live in seclusion in Mianshan.

Hearing this, Duke Wen of Jin was so ashamed that he took people to invite jiezitui himself. However, jiezitui had left for Mianshan. Mianshan mountain is high and dangerous with dense trees.

It's not easy to find two people. Someone offered a plan to burn Mianshan mountain from three sides, forcing jiezitui out. The fire burned all over Mianshan, but there was no sign of jiezitui. After the fire died, people found that jiezitui, who was carrying his old mother, had died sitting under an old willow tree.

Duke Wen of Jin saw this and wept. At the time of burialing, a blood book was found in the hole of the tree. It said, "I will sacrifice my flesh to the king, and I hope the Lord is always clear." To commemorate jieziti,

Duke Wen of Jin ordered that this day be designated as cold food festival. The next year, Duke Wen of Jin led his officials to mount a mountain to pay a memorial service, and found that the old willow died and rose. He gave the old willow tree "Qingming willow" and toldthe world that the day after the cold food festival would be Qingming Festival.

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