Chinese Tradition Festivals----Spring Lantern Festivals Feb 15

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month,also known as Shangyuan Festival,Yuan Night and Lantern Festival.With the changes of society and times, the customs of the Lantern Festival have changed greatly,but it is still a traditional Chinese folk festival.

1. Eat TangYuan

Eating tangyuan is an important custom in the Lantern Festival. Tangyuan,also know as tangyuan”yuanxiao”.The custom of eating tangyuan began in the Song Dynasty,when it was called”Floating yuanzi”and traders called it“Yuanbao”.In the early song and Yuan Dynasties,tangyuan had became the food for the Lantern Festival,so people also called it YuanXiao.

2. Guess Lantern riddles

Playing with Lantern is an important part of the Lantern Festival,Lantern riddles are derived from the Lantern Festival of a world game,also know as the Lantern tiger.Sticking the riddles on the lanterns for people to guess,the riddles mostly focus on the meaning of the textand there are 24 kinds of puzzles, commonly used rolling curtains, swings, begging phoenix and other cases, has formed a unique folk culture. The biggest lantern riddles pageant in China was the nine-City Lantern Riddles fair held in Nanjing in 1979. It had over 10,000 riddles and attracted as many as 20,000 people in three days.

3.To admire the lanterns

Emperor Yongping of the Han Dynasty (AD 58-75), because emperor Mingdi advocated Buddha, in order to promote Buddha, Emperor Mingdi ordered the 15th night of the first month in the palace and temple "light table Buddha". Since then, the custom of Lantern Festival lanterns from the original held in the palace and popular to the people. That is, every year to the fifteenth day of the first month, regardless of the gentry or the common people to hang lanterns, urban and rural lights brilliant all night.

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