With the progress of science and technology, China's daily glass manufacturing industry continues to develop, glass manufacturing has also undergone great changes.  In the process of production, the production technology and equipment level have been continuously improved.  Automatic control technology has been developed and widely used in daily glass production line. 


Automatic weighing mixing and batching system instead of manual weighing and mixing. 


The preparation of glass compound is the main link of glass production, which is the prerequisite of high efficiency, high quality and low consumption in glass production. 


In the glass container forming stage, we hope the glass liquid is uniform, which includes temperature and composition of the two aspects of uniformity.  An excellent automatic weighing and batching system is the key to obtain the uniformity of glass liquid composition. 


However, it is not enough to have a good system, it is also related to several aspects we must pay attention to. 


1, Quartz sand moisture 

Adding water to compound material plays an important role in reducing dust, preventing delamination, improving mixing uniformity and speeding up melting speed. 

The total water content of compound material is generally controlled at 3 ~ 6%. 


The water content of quartz sand is the key factor affecting the water content of compound material, so to control the fluctuation of the total water content of compound material in a certain range, it is necessary to monitor the change of the water content of quartz sand.  And according to the change of water content of quartz sand, adjust the amount of water added in the mixture at any time. 


Electronic weighing system can only control the mass (weight) of raw materials, but can not control the deviation of moisture in raw materials. 


Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of ingredients, it is more necessary to have a rapid moisture testing system, which can sample the moisture of quartz sand at a fixed time and input the measurement results into the ingredients computer to correct the amount of water added to the mixture.  In order to further improve the quality of the compound stability. 

Influence the internal composition of quartz sand

The change of moisture content of quartz sand will change the composition and properties of glass, and these changes will affect the glass forming process.  It also defeats the purpose of our automatic ingredient weighing system. 


Therefore, the control of water content of quartz sand is very critical.  The automatic weighing and batching system is equipped with on-line moisture analyzer to continuously analyze the moisture of quartz sand, and according to the measurement results, the weighing data of quartz sand can be corrected in the automatic weighing and batching system at any time. 


The method of manual analysis can also be used to sample the moisture of quartz sand at regular points, and the measurement results can be manually input into the batching computer to modify the amount of water added when the compound material is mixed. 

2, The composition of broken glass 

At present, the proportion of broken glass used by glass enterprises is increasing, but it is purchased broken glass. Due to the different sources of broken glass, the glass composition of all kinds of broken glass will not be exactly the same.  Failure to control broken glass will seriously affect the composition of liquid glass.  The composition of liquid glass changes with the composition of broken glass, thus affecting the molding process.  Therefore, it is necessary to analysis the composition of purchase broken glass, and modify the computer ingredients data according to the analysis results, so that the powder as far as possible to supplement the composition of broken glass and the design of glass composition.  As far as possible to maintain the same glass composition, reduce the impact of broken glass on glass liquid. 


3. Reasonable use of electronic weighing materials 

The precision of weighing system is divided into static precision and dynamic precision, rated precision and actual precision. 


3.1. Static accuracy 

When the weighing system is calibrated with standard weight, the maximum difference between the displayed value of the weight and the standard weight divided by the rated value of the weight is the static accuracy of the weighing system. 


3.2. Dynamic accuracy 

Dynamic precision is in the weighing process, the actual weighing error of the material divided by the rated weighing value, is the dynamic precision of the weighing system. 


3.3. Actual weighing accuracy 

The actual weighing accuracy is the ratio of the maximum dynamic weighing error to the set value of the formula sheet. 


For example, a weighing machine with a rated accuracy of 1/500 and a rated weighing value of 1 ton, and a maximum weighing error of ±2 kg.  If the formula is set to 800 kg, the actual weighing accuracy is 1/400, if the formula is set to 100 kg, the actual weighing accuracy is 1/50. 


So we should be concerned about the actual weighing accuracy.  Generally, the actual weighing value is 80% of the rated weighing value.  Never use a large scale to weigh small materials. 


4, Mixture material conveying equipment

The mixture material transportation and storage, not only to ensure the continuity and balance of production, but also to consider to avoid layered caking and flying materials. 


In order to avoid these phenomena of compound materials in the conveying process, the batching workshop should be as close as possible to the melting workshop to reduce the conveying distance of compound materials, and at the same time, the drop difference between the discharge of compound materials from the mixer and discharge of materials to the kiln head bin should be minimized.  In the conveying process, pay attention to avoid vibration and choose appropriate conveying equipment. 


The above are just a few of the technical considerations associated with automatic weighing batching systems.  Of course, professional work by professionals, our glass factory does not do automatic weighing batching system, the company have automatic weighing batching system is not proficient in glass production process.  Therefore, an advanced automatic weighing batching system with perfect technical cooperation is our goal. 

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