Electroplating Process Apr 14 , 2022
Electroplating is the abbreviation of electrolytic gold plating method.
Electroplating is the plating pieces (products), dipped in the liquid medicine containing metal ions to be plated and connected to the cathode, the other end of the liquid medicine placed appropriate anode, (soluble or insoluble), after the direct current, the surface of the plating pieces that precipitation a layer of metal film method.
Simply understood, is the physical and chemical changes or the combination.

At present, the common electroplating methods: aqueous solution electroplating (roll plating, hanging plating, continuous plating), chemical electroplating.

Electroplating process

Pretreatment (grinding, preparation, washing, water purification, electrolysis, degreasing, washing, acid soaking, and active washing) neutralization, washing, electroplating (base) washing, neutralization, washing, electroplating (surface) washing, pure water, dehydration, drying

UV electroplating glass dropper bottle

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