Why are small dropper cosmetic bottle popular in the market? Apr 01 , 2022

Q: Recently, many new maintenance products have appeared in dropper cosmetic bottles, and "small dropper cosmetic bottles" have become a big love among consumers. What do you think of the trend of "small dropper cosmetic bottles"?

A: cosmetics dropper bottle of skin care products will be easy to give A person with laboratory reagent bottles of lenovo, in addition, the dropper drops of liquid, the unit can be calculated by "drops", often compared to press type bottle has better effect to use "small", if it is the essence of concentration is higher, can use to can be calculated by "drops", is more suitable for small cosmetic bottle, dropper, of course, it also can give consumers more "pure" feel.

The dropper bottle is used in a manner that minimizes the amount to be absorbed at a time and is therefore suitable for use with more concentrated liquid essences.

As for the current small-dropper cosmetics bottle craze, which is really "power" and which is just a marketing gimmick depends on whether the essence contained in the bottle is "concentrated" enough.

Q: In daily maintenance, what is your personal impression of skin care products for dropper cosmetic bottles?

A: good dropper bottle of skin care products, cosmetics even if use 1 ~ 2 drops, also can complete extend full face skin, at the same time because of its texture, liquid than cream essence has more rapid absorption effect, such as l 'oreal Paris "little golden urn" - Jin Zhizhen yan essence, use each time, it takes only A few drops, can complete to extend the face and neck skin, at the same time feel this article comes from the packaging bottle immediately moisturize skin, fine lines fade effect.

The disadvantage of small dropper cosmetic bottles is that when the essence cannot be absorbed in the end, 1/10 of the essence may still be left at the bottom of the bottle. At this time, it is recommended to take out the dropper and pour out the essence directly at the mouth of the bottle for use.

However, it is necessary to use up the remaining essence of the dropper bottle as soon as possible to avoid any qualitative change.

Q: Usually in what condition need to choose a bottle of "small dropper cosmetics bottle" for the skin, and how to choose suitable for their own "small dropper cosmetics bottle"?

A: It still depends on the content of skin care products in the small dropper cosmetic bottle. With the current dropper skin care products, the function has expanded to many aspects such as moisturizing, repairing, anti-wrinkle and whitening, so the first consideration should be based on your actual skin care needs.

In addition, due to the purity of the texture, it is recommended not to use too much, often a few drops (a tube of quantity) is enough, use too much efficacy will not be better, and there is a risk of waste.

Due to its liquid texture and quick absorption, it is suitable for all skin types. However, if it is dry skin, it is recommended to apply lotion cream with water-locking effect, so as to give full play to skin care benefits.

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