Panyue cosmetic skincare stock colorful glass dropper bottle is coming Sep 26 , 2021

30ml colorful dropper pump bottle

Versatility is valued at Glass Bottles not only by our customers, but also by us. Since our inception, We have made it our duty to provide premium glass jars, bottles, covers etc. because we respect our customers, try our best to provide excellent service while we are proud of ourselves and make service better and better for our own pride. Glass dropper bottles come in different colors for various uses at a reasonable price with high quality.

Various Sized Bottles

When it comes to glass bottles, capacity matters. We have the stock flat shoulder bottles from 1oz come in matte pink, green, yellow, purple etc. These bottles are perfect for serum bottle but also any other use you have for a container that would suit a simple ‘suck up’ motion to get the desired liquid inside the bottle. The 30ml colorful bottles we have in stock fit perfectly on our skincare favors glass jars but the buyer is by no means obligated to use them only for that purpose. We also have other capacity of this shape of bottle, but only in (frosted) clear in stock. As you may have gathered, we stock a variety of sizes to secure the right bottle for you.

Colorful cosmetic bottles

We know our customer base well and are always happy to help business and individuals with their requirements, so welcome new and regular customers to enjoy the appealing range of stock we have in store. Across all the many sectors and sizes of businesses we have noticed a common theme, and that is the demand for colorful glass bottles. If you package cosmetic items, you will already be aware of how beneficial the colour can be in terms of positively correlating to skincare products and how it inspires people to pick up your product.

You'll usually find colorful skin care bottles that paint a classic picture of childlike fun sparking a trust within the consumer that the product is both safe and attractive.


The advantage of buying in bulk are surplus in terms of preparing for packaging demands far in advance while also saving you money at the same time. We provide wholesale quantities to businesses of all sizes so if you need glass bottles to accompany you glass bottles purchases, place your orders promptly for enhanced preparation.

Contact us today if you need glass bottles that are practical, aesthetically appealing and popular with all different types of people.

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