Why dropper cosmetics look more sophisticated? Sep 27 , 2021

In our daily life,we can see all kinds of cosmetic dropper .The most common is the essential oil bottle.the essential oil glass bottle is often used for liquid.We should have the same beautiful taste for beautiful things. The packaging design of cosmetics should also cater to the psychological needs of consumers.The dropper is indispensable in cosmetic packaging. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are more inclined to choose the cosmetic dropper, because the cosmetic dropper is more convenient to use and looks beautiful.

In recent years, with the popularization of knowledge of cosmetics and air environment is more and more worse, people has higher requirement for beauty makeup products, in addition to the pursuit of more health and safety, product packaging material is one of the many women when choosing product factor, among them, the rich sense of science and technology professional "dropper" type of packing in this wave of consumption upgrade is very popular.

Cosmetic dropper material is generally: low borosilicate glass

The thickness:0.6~0.9 mm

This shape:Straight round head, flat head, round elbow, conical elbow, conical straight head, sharp elbow, drawing straight point etc.

Many products break the traditional bottle neck design of pressing and direct dumping, making products look more fresh and fun. In the pursuit of appearance level economic era, dropper design, perhaps more in line with the aesthetic taste of consumers.

From the packaging material point of view, such a design, in the use of the amount can be controlled, when the hand press drops, consumers can clearly see the dose. This method of use, can avoid hand contact with the paste, avoid pollutants, will be more safe and health, shelf life can be a little longer.Not all skin care products can be taken with an dropper, and the dropper packaging has many requirements for the product itself.First, it must be liquid and not so thick that it would be difficult to inhale the dropper. Secondly, because the capacity of the dropper is limited, it cannot be a product to be taken in large quantities. Finally, because alkalis and oils can react with rubber, they are not suitable for use with droppers.

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