Unique series of special cosmetic bottles and jars Dec 11 , 2021

Unique series of special cosmetic bottles and jars

Special cosmetic glass bottle and jar

Guangzhou panyue packing Co.,Ltd hot selling product

40ml,100ml.120ml and 50g

Different sizes can be adapted to the needs of different products

40ml bottle can be used for liquid foundation

100ml bottle can be used for filling and using body lotion

120ml bottle can be used for application and filling of toner

50g can be used for face cream

cosmetic bottles and jars

The combination and use of the entire series allows customers to have multiple choices

The unique square lid and golden lid are also one of the main features of this series

This is a 40ml glass bottle,the original color is transparent,and it has been customized to spray into other colors,Here are many color for you,you can also contact  us to customized your color.

This bottle is equipped with a white plastic pump/bamboo plastic pump,which contains a pump and a cap,Of course,the bottle can also be matched with other accessories,such as plastic,spray,caps,etc.

In addition to 40ml,there are other different capacities to choose from.

Whether it is a bottle or an accessory,the color can be customized,please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in product welcome to inquiry!

We can provide you with frosting, screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, spraying and other processes of craft, we have all of them in stock, quantity is not limited, can be delivered at any time, shorten your purchase date, welcome to inquire, negotiate, we will be happy to see you ! Email:kat.lin@panyuepacking.com

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