Understanding of essential oil glass bottle and safety cover and inner plug Nov 04 , 2021

Nowadays,essential oil products in the cosmetic market are becoming more and more heavy, and the application of refined oil bottle covers a wide range of areas, such as essential oil, essence liquid, raw liquid and so on. There are basic product problems are essential oil packaging. Let's know about the accessories involved.

1.Essential oil bottle

A. Essential oil glass bottle are generally used in amber color, accounting for about 80% of the essential oil glass bottle market.

B. Amber essential oil glass bottle is mainly for the contents to avoid light, to prevent product deterioration.

C. At the same time, amber essential oil glass bottle are divided into manual bottles and machine bottles and imported  bottles. Now the manual bottles on the market are more and more rare because of the unit price and the brand's requirement for quality, and the main domestic machine bottles are still very large in the market.

2. Safety cover

A. Safety cover is mainly single(large head cover, small head cover, regular cover) and double(children cover)

B. The lid divided into flat cap and with a nail cap.

C. Flat top cover mainly with gasket, with nail cover mainly inside plug

3. Inner plug

A. The plug us mainly divided into large hole and small hole inner belt.

B. On the basis of the big hole plug is divided into high and low points.

Currently on the market for the material of many problem, cause oil leakage and the main problem of single kind of essential and basic compound class essential oil for cosmetic packaging materials and professional technology such as mould still has a very big request.

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10ml amber glass bottle with childproof

Square clear glass bottle in stock,the size:30ml/50ml/100ml,the stock color:clear/frosted clear.it can match with dropper/lotion pump/spray pump, Square design gives people a sense of calm atmosphere, generally suitable for perfume bottles. Square glass bottles are slightly heavier than ordinary glass bottle and thicker around the sides.

30ml/50ml/100ml square glass bottle

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